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Welcome to Mineral Valley

Legend has it that Pakistan's Salt Range deposits were discovered in 327 BC, when the famed Macedonian leader Alexander the Great, marched his army through Asia, fought and defeated a local king in a major battle nearby. Tired horses were rested in its caves and are said to have recovered their strength by licking salt from the walls.


The Salt Range is the active frontal thrust zone of the Himalaya in Pakistan. Deriving its name from its extensive deposits of rock salt, this range extends from the Jhelum River to the Indus, across the northern portion of the Punjab province. The Salt Range contains the great mines of Mayo, Khewra, Warcha and Kalabagh, which yield vast supplies of salt and is considered to be the biggest deposit in the world


Although salt constitutes a large part of the Salt Range, deposits of limestone, gypsum and other valuable non metallic minerals are also concentrated in certain areas.